Product and Services

SECPL is focused in the manufacturing and supply of Instrument Transformers using latest technology. Products designed are thoroughly tested by maintaining proper quality checks, standards & are user specific The company is ISO 9001-2008 certified & ensures quality management systems & designs to meet the needs of customers.

Product Range

Our product range varies from Low Voltage to Medium Voltage Current and Voltage Transformers with multiple applications

Our various products are:

  • Outdoor Oil Cooled Current and Voltage Transformers upto and including 33 KV
  • Outdoor Combined Unit of Current and Voltage Transformers upto and including 33 kV
  • Resin Cast, Indoor Current and Voltage Transformersand Residual Voltage Transformers upto and including 33kV
  • Special Purpose Transformers such as Neutral Grounding Transformers, Control Transformers, Earthing Transformers upto 22kV and 250kVA
  • High Current CTs with split core arrangements for furnace duty upto 20,000A
  • High Current Ring Type Current Transformers upto 20,000A, 22kV system voltage for Generator Busducts
  • Low Tension Tape Insulated and Resin Cast Current and Voltage Transformers, Core Balance Current Transformers, Summation Current Transformers, Auxiliary Current Transformers and Precision Grade Current and Voltage Transformers.
  • Metering Cubicles upto and including 33kV


The Company undertakes design and development of any type of Instrument Transformers upto 33kV System Voltage for Outdoor as well as Indoor application, andtailor-made to suit the special electrical and dimensional specifications required by the customer and confirming as per IS, IEC.